Friday 23 February 2024

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo2 Yuke's Team Orange #4 #5

What originally started as a simple project to learn Illustrator quickly snowballed into this duo of modernized liveries.
The original plan was to simply recreate in vector form the Yuke's lion (which is incredibly difficult to find as a ready to use resource) from the 2006 Team Orange Subaru Impreza to learn Illustrator's basics. The amount of references I went through to make sure it was as accurate as possible lead me to also recreate the Team Orange logo and a few variations of the Yuke's logo because, at that point, I might as well, right? And from there it became "well, why not put it to use too?" 

And so here I am. I adapted the livery while taking liberties to make it fit the Lamborghini Huracan and I modernized and/or replaced brands that would not make sense on this car, in GT World Challenge or simply today.

For example the New Japan Pro Wrestling logo becomes All Elite Wrestling due to Yuke's selling NJPW in 2012 and now developing AEW games. Technora becomes Teijin Aramid as Teijin does not seem to use its product lines as brands any more. Exit Yokohama as SRO does not allow direct competitors of its sponsors to sponsor competitors. And so on.
The Yuke's logo does not get updated due to the current one not fitting the aesthetic. (and I'm already probably breaking all sorts of branding guidelines with the turquoise logos on the white car so what's one more infraction? If it looks cool I'm allowed to, I've decided.)

.psd file


Want to have this design customized for yourself or for league use but don't have experience in doing so? Drop me a PM on Racedepartment or contact me and we can work something out!


- Yuke's Team Orange vector pack: S56 Design

- Ogura Racing Clutch oval logo: Nobu161

- Msports logo: onyonyo1125

- Yokomo logo: onyonyo1125

- references to recreate the Agent K logo: Dino Dalle Carbonare for Speedhunters

- Tex Modify logo: D-ONE-M

- Syms Racing logo: imprezaSTI_GVB

- second car: OneRoseyMia