Thank you for taking an interest in contacting me for commissioned work.
I am currently open to commissions.

I am available to design all your team identity needs from car livery, artworks, apparel, pit/paddock areas, team logos, to transporters.

I aim to reply to your email within 24 hours.

To contact me, write an e-mail to :

I currently live in France. I am self-employed and thus registered as "auto-entrepreneur".
SIRET N°80812102400026



Each project is tailored to you and your needs.
Thanks to the fact that I have been designing car liveries since before 3D texturing for simulations or racing games really took on, I understand very well how a 2D graphic will work when applied to a 3D form.

The process for custom liveries is usually as follows :
I) Understand what you want, what you like, what you don't want on the car.
II) Initial rough sketch(es), usually only side of the car. I find it more efficient to only keep one design here and make variants of it if necessary later.
III) Overall design is completed, final details and variations.
IV) Final design is ready, along with variations like colour swaps if requested.
V) Unless requested otherwise, I would use the car's livery as a base design for everything else you need.
VI) Should you wish to add this to the commission, I can then recreate your livery for any racing game including your car which support custom livery produced through external software.

Of course, you get to review and discuss every step of the process.

Each design is unique and tailored to what you and your sponsors want. Through my years of practice I have found I am often able to make complex designs that still retain a simpler design's clarity, thus making branding more visible while the car is racing. I do not keep to one distinct style as you can see in my portfolio.

Unless requested otherwise, I usually try to integrate the series' branding into the livery from the beginning. This keeps said branding and numberplates from sticking out as they are prompt to do. I like to play with material finishes as well as colour to make the design that more unique. Should you want a retro/historic livery, I prefer to put my own spin on it, making it a more modern, different take on it rather than a complete copy.

I always aim to create something that will stand out from the on track competition.

Source files are always provided for everything you paid for and I do my best to keep their location the same. Should they expire or become unavailable, simply contact me and I will make them available again.
The form it takes depends on the templates I was provided with, though I always try my best to make it into a vector livery sheet regardless.

You can use everything I produced for you for whatever purpose you see fit : PR, marketing, etc. Saleable items as well, following approval.

I am unable to give an estimate on any project without knowing what you require. Knowing which car(s) (and which variant(s)) is important. Having to make my own templates will have an impact on price.
Designing a clean two-tone is a quicker, different process compared to a complex drift design or a Ken Block-style livery.

If you can give me a summary, car and deadline I can give you an estimate. Additional charges will apply should the summary change significantly during the project or if a design resets outside of S56's control.

Paypal only. Payment is to be made upon invoice delivery. I DO NOT ACCEPT CRYPTOCURRENCY.