Sunday 31 December 2023

Yuke's Team Orange vector resource pack

A collection of Team Orange logos and decals vectorized by Aenore

A collection of Team Orange logos and graphics based on the 2006 Yuke's Team Orange Subaru Impreza. I did my best to source what appeared to be good references to base myself on but still had to improvise a bit, notably on the lion graphics.
I'm not sure where the grey thingy (left, middle row) decal comes from but I had it amongst the rest so I vectorized it as well.
If you happen to possess good references that could be used to improve this resource pack feel free to contact me by email or through social media!

.ai global file + .svg and 10000px .png individual files

Shared in the spirit of creation: credits with link appreciated if used, do not use for
commercial purposes or to feed generative algorithms